• BMW CCA Foundation


    Ambassadors are volunteers who serve to broaden the exposure of the Foundation by leveraging a geographically disbursed network. Ambassadors have a passion for the BMW CCA and for the Foundation, specifically its Street Survival; Library, Archive and Museum; and Conservation and Preservation Programs.
    Foundation AmbassadorsChapter Affiliation
    Brian CornellNational Capital Chapter
    Alison BellIowa Chapter
    Andre NoelNew York Chapter
    Anna MaripuuNational Capital Chapter
    Barbara AdamsWindy City Chapter
    Bob and Sheila Morin
    Ambassador Program Coordinators
    Connecticut Valley Chapter
    Everglades Chapter
    Bobbi TreenEverglades
    Carol GardnerSt. Louis Chapter
    David BrightonIowa Chapter
    David YandoOld Hickory Chapter
    Deric FrischSandlapper Chapter
    Dohn RoushBuckeye Chapter
    George OhlweilerGreen Mountain Chapter
    Greg MondeauSonora Chapter
    James ItabashiFirst Coast Chapter
    Janet KiyotaRocky Mountain
    Jaynee BeechukBuckeye Chapter
    Kurt HelmLos Angeles
    Larry SchettelWindy City Chapter
    Leslie Koch MoyerNittany Bimmers
    Lonny ShirkNittany Bimmers
    Florida Suncoast
    Lora YandoOld Hickory Chapter
    Lou Ann ShirkNittany Bimmers
    Florida Suncoast
    Mel DillionGenesse Valley Chapter
    Mike WashingtonSmoky Mountain Chapter
    Mike WilletteEverglades Chapter
    Monty KingTarheel Chapter
    Pamela WellsLos Angeles
    Patrick ArnoldLone Star Chapter
    Rick LargenIllini Chapter
    Tim BeechukBuckeye Chapter