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    Heroes of Bavaria: 75 Years of BMW Motorsport

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    The BMW CCA Foundation, in partnership with BMW of North America  and private collectors from coast to coast, is proud to present 22 exceptionally rare and legendary examples of Bavarian Motorsport for your viewing pleasure.



    Visit your CCA Foundation Museum, and see them all, up close.  Get acquainted with the 1937 BMW 328 Roadster that won at Zandvoort in 1939. Peer into the cockpits of the Group 4 and 5 Racing CSLs, including winners at Daytona and Sebring.  Look over the LeMans-winning V-12 LMR, the Williams FW-22 Formula One car, and the only factory-built CSL Rally Car in existence. Unless you visited the BMW 100th Anniversary exhibition at Laguna Seca last summer, chances are you’ve never seen this many BMW race cars in one shot.

    The BMW CCA Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and exists only through the generosity of its donors.  Donations are welcome and will help to sustain the CCA Foundation Museum & Archive. Our donors also help fund Tire Rack Street Survival, a national car-control training program for teenage drivers.  We’re grateful to you for your support.

    This place is worth seeing.  The BMW CCA Foundation Museum & Archive is located directly next door to the BMW Performance Center, and across the street from BMW’s largest manufacturing center. The Museum & Archive currently preserves about 45,000 BMW-related items, from rare cars to engines to art. It’s the largest such collection in the Americas.  And if you’re a member of the BMW Car Club of America, it’s being collected and maintained on your behalf. Come see it!

    Public Hours

    No registration required, just drop in!

    Monday – Friday 
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Weekday Admission Prices

    $10.00 – Adults

    $5.00 – BMW CCA Members (with proof of membership)

    $5.00 – BMW Employees (with id)

    FREE – Children 12 and under 


    Special Club Member Days

    Please check back for updates.


    Yale R Comes Home

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    Scott and Fran Hughes donate Yale Rachlin’s 2002tii to the BMW CCA Foundation…read more

    03-2017 Yale R Comes Home Roundel Magazine_Page_1

    Museum Item of the Week

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    IMG_1222IMG_1223The first ever BMW CCA Chronograph Watch. One of our Board Members bought #500, had it specially engraved for the Foundation and donated it to the Archives at the last Board meeting. Thank you very much! The last ever w…atch in this series will remain in our collection.

    To see more items in our Archives and Museum, visit our webpage http://bmwcca.pastperfect-online.com/38856cgi/mweb.exe?request=random

    Currently, we have over 7,400 items listed in our database. With approximately 30,000 more items in our backroom and warehouse, it will take some time to process everything. Once a month, we will upload the database to our website. Watch our Facebook page for more featured items or check the Foundation page monthly

    If you would like to contribute any BMW related item to our collection, please contact us, we would love to talk with you.See More

    Driving program teaches young drivers safety lessons

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    Young drivers were pushed to the limit Sunday at a full day Street Survival class, held at Monroe Community College. Twenty four drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 had to complete six courses that tested their driving skills.

    Young driver, Emily Scripps said, “It’s kind of like a rollercoaster almost, ya know? You feel like your stomach goes up into your head.”

    The twists and turns in this safety driving course were a bit of a challenge for Emily Scripps.

    She said, “At first I was really, really nervous, and it was like nerve wracking.”

    Scripps has had her license for just under a year.

    She said she came out to the Street Survival program to learn more about the real life obstacles she may face as a young driver.

    “Showing you how to push your limits, and when you push your limits, what to do in those situations,” she said.

    All 24 drivers were paired with a high performance driving instructor.

    …click here to read more.

    BMW reminds us not to text and drive

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    We all know that distracted driving is dangerous, and that we all should probably put down our phones when we get a text message while behind the wheel. BMW agrees that the phones need to be put away and have created a public service announcement video featuring overprotective parents all about their kids’ safety but more than happy to text while driving.

    The thirty-second long PSA that was posted on BMWUSA’s website and YouTube account yesterday goes ahead and calls out the hypocrisy of overprotective parents, who go through ridiculously over-the-top means to keep their children safe from the harms that they could come across in their everyday lives like cold weather or water in the bathtub. Yet it’s these very same obsessive compulsive, overprotective parents that are guilty of texting and driving themselves.

    …click here to read more.

    New Michigan teen driving laws aim to curb crashes

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    As a driver-in-training in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Dylan Fox is learning to deal with common challenges such as snow and ice. Now he’s got some more things to keep in mind: new state requirements that limit when he can drive and how many friends can tag along.

    The 15-year-old from the Schoolcraft County community of Cooks will be among the first to face new restrictions to Michigan’s Graduated Driver Licensing program. The changes for teen drivers with a level 2 intermediate license take effect Wednesday.

    Fox is less than thrilled about the passenger provision, but he gets the overall point of the new rules of the road.

    …click here to read more.

    Parents urge students to stop texting while driving

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    We’ve all been warned about the dangers of texting and driving, but one family had to learn the consequences the hard way. Today they told Rockport Fulton students their tragic story.

    Students at Rockport Fulton High School made their way to the auditorium Monday morning, curious about a mangled white truck parked out front. High school senior Alex Brown lost her life while driving that truck to school. She was text messaging some friends right before she died.

    “When I found the truck, it was sitting upright but it was all crunched up. So I jumped out, she wasn’t in the truck. I found her on the ground on the other side of the truck,” said Alex’s mother, Jeanne Brown, “As she was responding to the text message, she went off into the field and the truck rolled. And because she wasn’t buckled in, she came out and the truck actually rolled on top of her and crushed her.”

    …click here to read more.

    Study: texting and driving killed at least 16,000 in U.S.

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    (Sept. 27) — Sending text messages while driving was the culprit in the deaths of an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007. Even more sobering, researchers warn that fatalities have shot up significantly since 2005.

    An analysis of federal data on road fatalities, published this week in the American Journal of Public Health, concluded that deaths due to “distracted driving” surged from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008. That’s a 28 percent increase in three years.

    …continue to article

    New Limited Edition Prints Available in Store!

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    Buy one of our beautiful limited edition prints of the 1986 BMW GTP – these are limited to 100 prints and have been signed by the artist.  Each print will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection.  Also, see our store for other great prints from this series.  Soon, we will be releasing the 1983 Brabham BT-52B powered by BMW that helped propel Nelson Piquet to one of his Formula 1 Championships.

    Street Survival & Former Indycar Driver Partner

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    As funding for high school driver education programs dwindles, vehicle accidents remain the biggest killer of youths age 16-20. That is why Tire Rack Street Survival, a national non-profit teen driving education program, has partnered with former IndyCar driver and current ABC/ESPN racing commentator, Scott Goodyear, to host multiple schools around the country during National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 18-24). Conceived by the BMW CCA Foundation in 2002, the Tire Rack Street Survival schools are designed to save lives and raise awareness about the number one killer of teens.

    In 2007, Congress enacted National Teen Driver Safety Week to address the epidemic of teen driving deaths. Each year more than 5,000 youths ages 16-20 die, and more than 400,000 are injured behind the wheel. On average, one teen per hour is killed every weekend, and once every two hours during the week. 108 families needlessly lose a child every seven days. In an effort to lower that number and to call attention to outdated and less effective driver education programs, Tire Rack Street Survival will kick off National Teen Driver Safety Week with a school in Mahwah, NJ and host 5 schools across the country during that week. The schools are scheduled for Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Byron, IL; Richmond, VA; and Fort Worth,TX.

    “The goal of the Tire Rack Street Survival program is to save lives by teaching young drivers the basics of car control, to enhance their enjoyment of driving and to improve their overall competence as drivers,” said Scott Goodyear. “Inexperience behind the wheel, and more importantly a lack of proper training, is the number one cause of fatal accidents among teens in this country and I am proud to be part of the Tire Rack Street Survival program.”

    Unlike traditional novice driver education programs based on classroom theory and simple maneuvers, Tire Rack Street Survival improves driver competence through hands-on experiences in real-world driving situations. Students learn emergency braking and skid control in wet and dry conditions, how to correct unintended oversteer and understeer situations, how to avoid accidents entirely and learn how to control their vehicle, rather than just operate it.

    “We’re working to make the roads safer for everyone,” said Bill Wade, Tire Rack Street Survival National Program Manager. “Although it’s a year-round problem, National Teen Driver Safety Week is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness and educate parents and teens to the importance of learning proper car control. Few teens realize driving is one of the most dangerous things they can do.”

    “With more than 25 years’ experience racing at 230mph, I understand how important it is to be in complete control whenever the car is moving,” added Goodyear. “After seeing my son successfully avoid an accident after executing a maneuver he learned from Tire Rack Street Survival instructors, I knew I needed to become involved.”

    To kick off National Teen Driver Safety Week, Goodyear will share his expertise and knowledge as a professional driver with teen drivers enrolled in the Mahwah, NJ and Indianapolis, IN schools.

    “Communities that participate in National Teen Driver Safety Week become part of the solution and the experienced, volunteer coaches who understand car control and work individually with each driver are fulfilling their responsibility,” said Matt Edmonds, vice president of Tire Rack. “I urge parents to take an active role in educating their young drivers and preserving our future and most precious resource: our youth.”

    Tire Rack Street Survival classes are conducted by local member volunteers from regional chapters of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA), the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and other car clubs. Students, driving their own vehicles, are supervised at all times by experienced, knowledgeable driving coaches. In 2008, 72 communities signed up to benefit 1,555 students. Fifty-four schools have been completed for 2009 and another 22 are open for registration. Community leaders or concerned parents interested in requesting a Tire Rack Street Survival school for their community can visit www.streetsurvival.org or call 502.649.4871.

    The non-profit, tax-exempt charitable BMW CCA Foundation, Inc. was formed in 2002 by the BMW Car Club of America, to provide benefits to the motoring public community and owners of BMW automobiles. Its charter under Section 501(c) (3) enables the Foundation to establish programs to benefit the public in general, and BMW owners specifically. The vision of the Foundation is to be a significant repository of BMW information and to foster educational programs, including the Tire Rack Street Survival program, for the automotive community.