• BMW CCA Foundation

    You could name the CCA Foundation Museum!



    As a CCA Member, you have a personal stake in the largest BMW Museum & Archive in the Americas.  More than 45,000 items are being cared for and preserved on your behalf…including automobiles, memorabilia, rare technical documents and just about all things BMW and CCA-related.

    Your Museum certainly has the “stuff.”  Now it needs a proper name.  The “BMW Car Club of America Foundation Museum & Archive” is just too much of a mouthful.

    There are prizes at stake!

    If you submit the winning name, you’ll win two very rare prizes.  First is the Museum’s “Art of Racing” poster, and it’s signed by Bill Auberlen, David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Bobby Rahal, Boris Said, Nick Craw, Jack Deren, Erik Wensberg and John Edwards.  WOW!  (click here for a peek)

    You could also win an uber-rare edition of the book “BMW Profile: Touring-Car Racing and Sports Cars.”  This book is signed by (are you ready?) David Hobbs, Jorg Muller, Bill Auberlen, Brian Redman, Jochen Mass, Boris Said, Dirk Muller, Dieter Quester, Andy Priaulx, Andy Bovensiepen, Antonio Garcia, David Cowart, and Jon-Marc Gounon.  (click here for a look)

    Holy cow.  You need to win this contest!

    Advice and Guidelines

    The perfect name will be short, one to three words max.  Between two names that are equally compelling, the shorter one wins.

    The perfect name will be relevant to us as Club members, and also to non-Club members who will want to visit.  It will evoke the marque and the heritage we all love.

    The perfect name will be unique, and ownable…no other entity will own or be using it, at least for a Museum or auto-related facility.  Ideally, the name will also translate cleanly into an available web address…but don’t get too hung up on this requirement.

    Haven’t seen your Museum yet?  Click here for a really good look.

    You’ve got until Sunday, September 10.  Blow us away…and leave your mark in the CCA world for years to come.  You got this!

    Naming Contest Rules:

    1.  This contest is open to BMW CCA members only, and your membership must be in good standing.

    2.  The competition is open for submissions until Sunday, September 10, 2017 at midnight Eastern Standard Time (US).

    3.  A team of judges with the BMW CCA Foundation will determine the winning submission, and their decision is final.  The judges also have the right to determine that no member submission meets their approval, resulting in no winner of the contest. That being said, this Museum & Archive is operated on your behalf, and we hope you come up with the perfect name and win the prizes.

    4.  If a winning name is selected, and that name was submitted by more than one member, we’ll make sure everyone who submitted that name gets a prize of equal value.

    To submit an entry:

    Complete the form below as many times as you like!