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    Museum Item of the Week

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    Item of the Week: Last week, we brought you the first “super car” from BMW.  This week, we have the ultimate BMW powered car, the McLaren F1 brochure.  We recently acquired this for our collection.  Only 106 cars were built between 1992 and 1998. It is powered by a BMW V12 6.1 Liter engine.  The F1 was the first production car to use a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. In 1998, the F1 became the fastest production car built running at 240 mph. In 1995, the F1 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright – with three more F1s following in the top five spots.

    A rare car and a rare brochure.  This is a nice addition to our collection.  This brochure shows the development of the car.  Apparently it was given out to special guests who saw the unveiling of the F1 in Monaco.

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