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    Museum Item of the Week

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    If you are a BMW Art Car fan, this is a really neat book to have in your collection. It is called Mes Pop Cars by Herve Poulain. It isn’t just about BMW Art Cars, but all “Art Cars” done by various manufacturers. The do…wnside to this book, it is in French. However, what is cool is this shows lots of pictures of the first four BMW Art Cars – the artists, the design of the cars, and best of all – pictures from the cars actually racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These racing pictures are rarely seen of the cars. Most of the time you might see one or two with the artist and then a beautiful static shot of the car in a museum.

    Did you know Alexander Calder designed some helmets for the drivers of the CSL? Did you know Andy Warhol almost painted a 320i turbo instead of the M1? We have included a picture of the two cars he might have done before he put his paint brush on the M1. Not sure who created the helmet with all the BMW Art Car liveries, but it is very cool. Also, look at the Andy Warhol M1 in the race – look how white the front spoiler looks after going through the race. So many great pictures of the first four cars that we normally don’t get to see.

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