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    Museum Item of the Week:

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    Item of the week: This is a rare poster from the 80s.  “A commitment to performance that dates back decades, not months.”  This is still true today for BMW. Pictured on this poster – the propeller driven aluminum train called Schienenzeppl…in, also known as Rail Zeppelin, was designed to be an alternative to the streamlined locomotives.  This set a record in 1931 traveling at 140mph, a record that stood for 23 years.  This was powered by a BMW 46-liter 12 cylinder aircraft engine. The 328 was very successful for BMW early on in racing.
    BMW won the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy “Senior Tourist Trophy” motorcycle road race in 1939 with Georg “Schorsch” Neier on this BMW Kompressor type 255.
    The two Alpina-prepared 3.0CSL’s in a European Touring-Car Championship race on the Salzburgring.
    The main car on the poster is the BMW M1/C that ran in the IMSA series driven by David Hobbs.  Recently, we acquired the kidney grill for this car in a collection.  Little did we know that it was the ONLY kidney grill.  We returned it to BMW NA to reunite it with the car, which they have in their Motorsport collection.
    To see more items in our Archives and Museum, visit our webpage http://bmwcca.pastperfect-online.com/38856cgi/mweb.exe?request=random Currently, we have over 3,600 items listed in our database. With approximately 30,000 more items in our backroom and warehouse, it will take some time to process everything. Once a month, we will upload the database to our website. Watch our Facebook page for more featured items or check the Foundation page monthly If you would like to contribute any BMW related item to our collection, please contact us, we would love to talk with you.
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