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    Museum Item of the Week

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    Item of the Week: The iconic BMW E52 Z8 roadster was built as a modern day 507.  The Z8 was a hand built car – only 5,703 ever produced.  Our item of the week is a very special and limited book for Z8 owners.  This was produced by BMW with …a VIN plate sticker on the cover of each black book that matches each real car VIN. These were only given to buyers of the Z8 roadsters – so this is a very rare item.
    Inside the book are 184 pages of text and beautiful photos from the design concept through building and delivering the cars.  This book came in a black box with only a “Z8” embossed on the side.  Inside the box is also a Z8 badge that is mounted on the back interior wall of the car between the two seats.  The only thing missing – each book came with a picture of the actual car that matches the VIN.
    The Foundation was fortunate enough to add this to our collection after a Z8 owner sold his car, but not the book.
    To see more items in our Archives and Museum, visit our webpage http://bmwcca.pastperfect-online.com/38856cgi/mweb.exe?request=random
    Currently, we have over 3,600 items listed in our database. With approximately 30,000 more items in our backroom and warehouse, it will take some time to process everything. Once a month, we will upload the database to our website. Watch our Facebook page for more featured items or check the Foundation page monthly.

    If you would like to contribute any BMW related item to our collection, please contact us, we would love to talk with you.

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