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    Parents urge students to stop texting while driving

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    We’ve all been warned about the dangers of texting and driving, but one family had to learn the consequences the hard way. Today they told Rockport Fulton students their tragic story.

    Students at Rockport Fulton High School made their way to the auditorium Monday morning, curious about a mangled white truck parked out front. High school senior Alex Brown lost her life while driving that truck to school. She was text messaging some friends right before she died.

    “When I found the truck, it was sitting upright but it was all crunched up. So I jumped out, she wasn’t in the truck. I found her on the ground on the other side of the truck,” said Alex’s mother, Jeanne Brown, “As she was responding to the text message, she went off into the field and the truck rolled. And because she wasn’t buckled in, she came out and the truck actually rolled on top of her and crushed her.”

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