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    Summer can be dangerous time for teen drivers, AAA reports ‎

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    For teen drivers the summer months can be the most dangerous time of the year, and a travel agency urges they and their parents take necessary precautions.

    Teen driving fatalities peak during the June, July and August, and AAA Northern California urges parents to increase their focus on safety during the school-free months ahead.

    More than 7,300 teen drivers and their passengers died in traffic crashes between Memorial Day and Labor Day during 2005-2009, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

    An average of 422 teens died in traffic crashes during each of the summer months in this time period — higher than the monthly average of 363 teen deaths the rest of the year, the AAA agency reported.

    Further, teens have three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers, based on amount of miles driven, and a teen’s crash risk is highest during the first year of solo driving, an agency represented noted in a press release.

    Parents and adult guardians play key roles, AAA Northern California spokeswoman Cynthia Harris said.

    “Parents should not underestimate the critical role they play in keeping their teens, safe, especially during these high risk months.” Harris said.

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